Bonaparte’s Retreat

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Choregraphie par :  Maddison Glover (Australia)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juin 2019

Musique :                  Bonaparte’s Retreat – Glen Campbell (2.49)

Dance begins on lyric ‘girl’ (8 counts from beginning of the track)

Choreographed for the Victorian Line Dance Association Annual Gala Ball

Point Fwd, Point Side, Point Fwd/Across, Hitch, Side, Point Fwd, Point Side, Sailor ¼, Scuff
1,2          Point R toe forward, point R toe out to R side
3&4         Point R toe forward/ slightly across L foot, hitch R knee up (option: scoot/hop slightly right), step R to R side
5,6          Point L toe forward, point L toe out to L side
7&8&      Cross L behind R, make ¼ L stepping R beside L (9:00), step L forward, scuff R heel forward

Step Fwd, Lock, Step Fwd, Scuff, Step Fwd, Lock, Step Fwd, Scuff, Slow Pivot ½, V step
1&2&      Step R forward, lock L behind R, step R forward, scuff L forward
3&4&      Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward, scuff R forward
5,6          Step R forward, pivot ½ turn over L (3:00) (weight on left)
7&8&      Step R out into R diagonal, step L out into L diagonal, step R back, step L together
Note: Stretch counts 5-6 out and rise on tippy toes on the pivot ½ turn. Lyrics: “Sweeeetest” / “Pleeeeasee”

Walk Fwd x2, Mambo Fwd, Walk Back x2, Coaster Cross
1,2          Walk forward on R, walk forward on L
3&4        Rock forward onto R, recover back onto L, step back onto R
5,6          Walk back on L, walk back on R
7&8        Step back onto L, step R together, cross L over R

Side, Together, Fwd, Side, Together, Back, Lock Shuffle Back, Mambo Back
1&2         Step R to R side, step L together, step R forward
3&4         Step L to L side, step R beside L, step back onto L
5&6         Step R back, cross L over R, step R back
7&8         Rock back onto L, recover weight forward onto R, step forward onto L

Restart: During the forth sequence, you will start the dance facing 9:00. Dance to count 16 and Restart the
dance facing 12:00. Hint: Glen will call for “BAGPIPES”.

Ending: You will begin the dance for the final time facing 12:00. Dance to count 6 then complete a left
coaster step on counts 7&8.

Thanks to my Dad, Tom Glover, for suggesting this piece of music to me.


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Bonaparte's Retreat




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